Tyre repairs

– Tyre repairs –

Fitting of tyres and rims. Tyres related services included: installation and repairs, balancing, washing.


Wheel balancing (rim and tyre) Tyre repairs

On average, tyres require rebalancing and alignment check every 6 months. This is to ensure all four wheels of your vehicle are running in harmony.

When at low speeds, you have an issue where your steering sways back and forth or, at higher speeds, the steering wheel vibrate, you need to have the wheel rim balance checked straight away, as it is possible that the car is out of balance. Balancing the wheels prevents the steering wheel or bodywork from vibrating.  Driving for too long can lead to less driving comfort, additional wear and lack of safety.

Servic & tyre repairs

Driving on a tyre in a partially or fully deflated condition will cause weakening of the structure and irreparable damage. Because a tyre has to be removed from the wheel and checked for internal damage before it can be repaired permanently, sealants cannot be considered permanent repairs.

The feasibility of repairing a tyre, and the products to use, depend on the size, nature and position of the damage. The measurement of the dimensions of the damage determines whether the tyre is acceptable for repair, and the choice of the method and materials that will be used for the repair.

When valve stems begin to leak, the tire will no longer hold air.  Over time valve stems may get old, crack, or begin to leak, causing larger problems with your tire. Depending on the severity of the leak, the tire may leak air slowly, or in more sever cases not hold air at all.

Do you have no place to store tyres?  Options for storing tyres – Tyre hotel

We mount/demount your tyres ourselves, thereby guaranteeing optimum quality of your tyres and tyre storage. In addition, we manually clean the rims if you want us to.

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– Tyre repairs –


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