External cleaning

External cleaning is a basic treatment that can be completed with various more specific treatments.

External cleaning

Interior and exterior washing is a basic treatment that can be completed with various more specific treatments. We’ll remove the dirt and grime from your paint, plastic trims, glass, wheels, chrome and exhaust tip.


  •  Cleaning insects from the face of the vehicle
  •  Shampooing en drying the bodywork
  •  Drying the bodywork
  •  Drying the doorways
  •   Wheel cleaning



Tar Removal

As the miles accumulate, tar stains appear on the lower body frame of your vehicle.  This treatment consists of dissolving these unsightly stains with the help of adapted products.  This treatment must be combined with exterior cleaning.

Complete outside / External cleaning

The full exterior reconditioning consists of degreasing of the doorways, removal of tar from the bodywork and revitalisation of the exterior plastics.

Please contact us so that we can analyze your requirements and provide you with the best solution!


Välipesu Sõiduauto Maastur
Survepesu 13 € (15 Min) 14 € (18 Min) Sisaldab leotusega survepesu ilma kuivatuseta
Kiirpesu 17 € (25 Min) 19 € (35 Min) Leotus, survepesu, šampoonipesu, klaaside kuivatus
Auto kuivatus 4 € 6 € Kuivatus koos uksevahede kuivatusega
Pigipesu 22 € (60 Min) 25 € (1,5 H) Pigieemaldus, survepesu, šampoonipesu, uksevahede + velgede pesu, putukate eemaldus, kuivatusvaha ja auto kuivatus
Vahatamine kiirvahaga 35 € (1,5 H) 45 € (2 H) Põhjalik välipesu ja vahatamine kvaliteetse kiirvahaga
Vahatamine püsivahaga 90 € (3,5 H) 105 € (4 H) Põhjalik välipesu, vahatamine kvaliteetse ja kauakestva püsivahaga
Kummiläige 4 €/ 4tk 5€ / 4 € Rehvide töötlemine läigestava kummi kaitsva ainega
Velgede välipuhastus 3 € /tk 5 € /tk Velgedelt pigi ja mustuse põhjalik eemaldamine
Putukate eemaldus 6 € 6 €


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