Internal cleaning

Internal cleaning

Interior and exterior cleaning is a basic treatment that can be completed with various more specific treatments.

We advise you to recondition the interior of your vehicle at least once a year. The full interior reconditioning consists of shampooing of all interior fabrics of your vehicle, reconditioning of the leather and deep cleaning of the plastics in your vehicle.

Textile protection

This treatment is intended to waterproof your seats and carpets convertible roofs. Therefore, no tough stains will appear as a result of, for example, mud, ash, sweets, food, and drinks. The coating easily maintains the new freshness 2 or 3 times longer.

Regardless of use, a vehicle is subjected to various aggressions and unpleasant odours due to storage in a poorly aerated place or use by drivers and passengers who are not especially careful with the seats, carpets, and storage or loading spaces.

We have a solution!

  • Drying the doorways
  • Vacuuming the cabin and boot
  • Emptying and cleaning the ash trays
  • Dusting the interior plastics
  • Cleaning the windows and mirrors
  • Applying a high-gloss product to the tyres.

Leather care

This treatment consists of deep cleaning of the leather in your vehicle.  We then apply a high-quality nourishing cream to the leather to restore its suppleness.  It is recommended to apply a nourishing cream to the leather seats of vehicles every 3 to 4 months.

– Internal cleaning –

Sisepuhastus Sõiduauto Maastur
Salongi kuivpuhastus 16 € (30 Min) 19 € (40 Min) Istmete, põrandate + mattide puhastamine tolmuimejaga. Plastikpindade ja pagasiruumi kuivpuhastus.
Salongi põhjalik pesu 29 € (1 H) 35 € (1,5 H) Kogu auto puhastus tolmuimeja ja suruõhuga, plastikpindade põhjalik pesu + plekkide eemaldamine, klaaside pesu.
Keemiline puhastus al. 75 € (5,5 H) al. 95 € (6 H) Istmete, põrandate, uksepolstrite, riidemattide märgpesu. Kõikide plastikpindade pesu, klaaside pesu, kuivatamine.
Nahksisu hooldus 30 € (1,5 H) 35 € (2 H)
Klaaside puhastus seest 5 € 7 €
Armatuurlaua puhastus 5 € 7 €
Põranda+mattide kuivpuhastus 7 € 9 €
Pagasiruumi kuivpuhastus 5 € 6 €
Uksevahede ja mattide pesu 6 € 8 €


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